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2023 HiP Awards: Product Finalists

Congratulations to the product finalists for this year's HiP Awards!

*Please note, categories may have been expanded, consolidated, changed, or removed per editorial discretion.

Final Category Manufacturer Name Product/Collection Name
Accessories Heller Swell
Accessories Mizetto Pelican
Accessories Pablo Designs Nivél
Planters Glimakra of Sweden thru Thinkspace GreenFrame
Planters Mizetto Plant Here
Planters Narbutas International Parthos
Planters Tuuci Garden Planter Collection
Acoustical Ceiling Applications Loftwall Baffles
Acoustical Ceiling Applications Turf Plaid
Acoustical Ceiling Applications Zintra thru Baresque Beams
Acoustical Wall Applications Glimakra of Sweden thru Thinkspace JungleWall
Acoustical Wall Applications Loftwall Arbor
Acoustical Wall Applications Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering Pindrop
Acoustical Wall Applications Turf Wallscapes
Acoustical Wall Applications Wolf-Gordon Gather
Environmental Impact Andreu World Bao
Environmental Impact Garden on the Wall Garden on the Wall
Environmental Impact Model No. Bolster
Environmental Impact Mohawk Group Wild Dyer
Environmental Impact Patcraft In the Loop
Materials Armstrong Flooring Natralis
Materials Chasing Paper Chasing Paper x Hyphen & Co. Collection
Materials Construction Specialties Acrovyn by Design, Whimsical Collection
Education/Government/Institutional > Flooring Mannington Commercial New Composition
Education/Government/Institutional > Flooring Mohawk Group SwitchCode
Education/Government/Institutional > Flooring Patcraft Shape Study
Education/Government/Institutional > Flooring Shaw Contract Teamwork
Education/Government/Institutional > Furniture & Seating Andreu World In Out Office Solitair
Education/Government/Institutional > Furniture & Seating Borgo Granchi
Education/Government/Institutional > Furniture & Seating Dauphin Atelier
Education/Government/Institutional > Furniture & Seating Senator CoLab
Education/Government/Institutional > Furniture & Seating Sixinch USA Sattel
Health & Wellness > Fabric & Wall Covering Arc-Com Essence Collection
Health & Wellness > Fabric & Wall Covering CF Stinson Wellness Essentials
Health & Wellness > Fabric & Wall Covering Concertex Nomadic Collection
Health & Wellness > Fabric & Wall Covering Crypton Kravet Crypton Wellness Textures
Health & Wellness > Fabric & Wall Covering Design Pool thru LDI Interiors Swallowtail Collection
Health & Wellness > Flooring Mohawk Group Medella Well
Health & Wellness > Flooring Patcraft Meaning II, EcoSystem Collection
Health & Wellness > Flooring Shaw Contract Dappled Light
Health & Wellness > Furniture Carolina Stray Caregiver Support Station
Health & Wellness > Furniture LifeSpan Fitness Ampera Office Bike
Health & Wellness > Furniture LoOok Industries thru Thinkspace Neuron Activation Pod
Health & Wellness > Seating Carolina Elara
Health & Wellness > Seating Global Furniture Group Willow
Health & Wellness > Seating Stance Healthcare Spry
Hospitality > Fabric & Wall Covering Astek Ascend
Hospitality > Fabric & Wall Covering Calico Wallpaper Lyric
Hospitality > Fabric & Wall Covering CF Stinson Shape, Line & Color
Hospitality > Fabric & Wall Covering Innovations Insieme
Hospitality > Fabric & Wall Covering Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering Vivant Collection
Hospitality > Flooring Mohawk Group Mycotopia
Hospitality > Flooring Patcraft Amplified Nature
Hospitality > Flooring Shaw Contract Cultura Custom Collection
Hospitality > Furniture Andreu World Tamara
Hospitality > Furniture Arper Semiton
Hospitality > Furniture Janus et Cie Rally
Hospitality > Furniture Sixinch USA Elevate
Hospitality > Seating Allermuir Ooty
Hospitality > Seating Division Twelve Twigz
Hospitality > Seating Ethnicraft Eye Lounge Chair
Hospitality > Seating Pedrali Lamorisse Wood
Hospitality > Seating Sandler Seating Tablet
Hospitality > Lounge Seating Arper Ralik
Hospitality > Lounge Seating Poltrona Frau thru Haworth Bay System
Hospitality > Lounge Seating Poltrona Frau thru Haworth Cove
Hospitality > Lounge Seating Sandler Seating Sofia
Hospitality > Lounge Seating Via Seating Vooom
Outdoor Products  Fermob Adadesk
Outdoor Products  Fermob Bolder
Outdoor Products  Ghent Preserve Outdoor Collaboration
Outdoor Products  Pavilion Sandcastle Collection
Outdoor Seating Brown Jordan Oliver
Outdoor Seating Heller Limbo
Outdoor Seating Sixinch USA Elevate
Workplace > Fabric & Wall Covering Camira Camirarevolution
Workplace > Fabric & Wall Covering Designtex Drop 20, Wild Bunch Collection
Workplace > Fabric & Wall Covering Mayer Fabrics Axis Collection
Workplace > Fabric & Wall Covering Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering Unexpected Collection
Workplace > Fabric & Wall Covering Pallas Textiles Lingo Collection
Workplace > Fabric & Wall Covering Wolf-Gordon Quiet Riot
Workplace > Carpet Mannington Commercial Need for Sound Collection
Workplace > Carpet Mohawk Group Above and Below
Workplace > Carpet Patcraft Material Edit
Workplace > Carpet Shaw Contract Michael Ford x Shaw Contract
Workplace > Hard Flooring Mohawk Group Taking Root
Workplace > Hard Flooring Patcraft Material Edit
Workplace > Hard Flooring Shaw Contract Cultura
Workplace > Furniture Systems Enwork Cayman
Workplace > Furniture Systems SitOnIt Seating HiQ
Workplace > Furniture Systems Tuohy Furniture Uku
Workplace > Furniture Systems Watson Furniture Tonic
Workplace > Storage Davis Furniture Nora
Workplace > Storage Hollman Workspace Team Locker
Workplace > Storage Narbutas International Worklab
Workplace > Desking Halcon Optic
Workplace > Desking HatCollective Fiello
Workplace > Desking Nienkämper Gateway Edge
Workplace > Desking Steelcase Flex
Workplace > Conference Tables Davis Furniture Vida
Workplace > Conference Tables Decca Contract Skyward Vista
Workplace > Conference Tables Enwork Odyssey
Workplace > Conference Tables Pedrali Frank
Workplace > Conference Tables Three H Furniture Systems Kynde
Workplace > Occasional Tables Darran Furniture Susu Collection
Workplace > Occasional Tables Davis Furniture Capas
Workplace > Occasional Tables Encore Romp
Workplace > Occasional Tables Keilhauer Fold
Workplace > Occasional Tables OFS Puzzle
Workplace > Partitions & Wall Systems Bold Furniture Fundamentals
Workplace > Partitions & Wall Systems Func. thru Baresque Cooee
Workplace > Partitions & Wall Systems Mute OmniRoom
Workplace > Partitions & Wall Systems Okamura Lives Post + Beam
Workplace > Pods Glimakra of Sweden thru Thinkspace BuildUp Huddle Collection
Workplace > Pods Nook Wellness Pods Huddle Pod
Workplace > Pods SnapCab Link
Workplace > Pods Zenbooth Solo Pro
Workplace > Guest Seating Andreu World Luba
Workplace > Guest Seating Bernhardt Design Cooper
Workplace > Guest Seating Davis Furniture Mudra
Workplace > Guest Seating Memo Furniture April Collection
Workplace > Guest Seating Skandiform thru Scandinavian Spaces Lola
Workplace > Stools Dauphin Allora
Workplace > Stools KFI Studios Vale
Workplace > Stools Mizetto Lumber
Workplace > Stools OFS Tate
Workplace > Stools Via Seating Joí
Workplace > Conference Seating Bernhardt Design Valera
Workplace > Conference Seating Cassina thru Haworth Cab
Workplace > Conference Seating Davis Furniture Zen
Workplace > Conference Seating Keilhauer Swav Mid-Back
Workplace > Task Seating 9to5 Seating Tori
Workplace > Task Seating Haworth Fern Anniversary & Digital Knit
Workplace > Task Seating Narbutas International D-Chair
Workplace > Task Seating Nowy Styl thru Keilhauer Foryu
Workplace > Task Seating Okamura Sphere
Workplace > Lounge Seating Blå Station thru Scandinavian Spaces Max
Workplace > Lounge Seating Davis Furniture Seba
Workplace > Lounge Seating Hightower Flote
Workplace > Lounge Seating Memo Furniture Rolo Collection
Workplace > Lounge Seating Nienkämper Beam
Workplace > Lounge Seating Viccarbe Zoco
Workplace > Sofa Blå Station thru Scandinavian Spaces Rut
Workplace > Sofa Davis Furniture Cape
Workplace > Sofa Davis Furniture Casen
Workplace > Sofa Keilhauer Symm 
Workplace > Modular Seating Dauphin Reefs Flex
Workplace > Modular Seating InSpec Bau
Workplace > Modular Seating OFS Gathr
Workplace > Modular Seating Stylex Luna
Workplace > Modular Seating Stylex Yoom
Iconic Products Bold Furniture Juxtapose Collection
Iconic Products Brown Jordan Walter Lamb Collection
Iconic Products Patcraft AdMix